Our Services

Oral Health Education

  • Prenatal Counseling – Oral HealthPrevention
  • Professional Groups & Youth Organizations including Rotary, Teachers, Day Care Providers, Church groups, Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts
  • Schools – Pre-Schools, K-5, Field Trips to the clnic

In Office

  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • Growth Analysis & Space Management

Sedation Services

  • Nitrous Oxide “Laughing gas” This makes the procedure physically more comfortable for the child.
  • “Light” Sedation “Sleepy juice” This helps the child to be more relaxed and less nervous.
  • In-Office “Full” Sedation “Sleep Dentistry” We have an Anesthesiologist who comes to the office and will provide general anesthesia to fully sedate your child. This allows us to see a child who may need extensive dental treatment and avoids multiple trips to the dentist for invasive procedures. We have found this is a very good option for children who have no major health concerns and for families who would prefer not going to a hospital or surgery center. It decreases the out of pocket costs to the family and can provide a much more relaxed experience for the child.

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